Polling has ended. Thank you for participating.

Community participation is of utmost importance here. You, our contributor hold immense value on this site. Every opinion of yours is extremely important. Your constructive criticism is a welcome feedback for us. In order to further enhance the community relationship, we have decided to begin a new series of polls, where your opinion and vote assist us in making the most crucial decisions on this Wiki. So, without further ado, lets start this cycle of polls, with our very first one commencing below.

As you might or might not be aware, a new era has been prepared and is very soon going to be released on the BETA server. In order to ensure that our quest for delivering quality and attractive content on time isn't broken, we, the Forge of Empires Wiki Administrative Team would like to request the help of you to decide the colour scheme for the next era, Virtual Future.

No need to panic, if you don't desire your anticipation of the next era to be spoilt, you needn't fret. The only thing which might be 'spoilt' is the name of the era, and the images below are extremely harmless, and are chosen with care so that you may partake in the decision making process.

So, what are you waiting for? Get voting!

A couple of things to be kept in mind before voting:

  • The Late Middle Ages follows a similar colour scheme, kindly keep that in mind before casting your vote.
  • In case your choice differs from the list of available choices, please post the hex code of your choice in a comment (hex codes can be searched on any search engine).

A glimpse of how the era looks in the tech tree is attached below:

And now, the 10 choices (please remember that you can have a different choice, in that case, follow guideline #2)


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