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The Visitation Actions are actions that you can perform whilst visiting other players' cities. You are only able to perform one action to a particular player every 24 hours.


An example of the visitation action of a friend where there is no polish possible.

Motivate is an action that improves the production of a building for the current production cycle. It doubles the coins production of regular residential buildings and doubles the supply production of regular production buildings/workshops. Most special residential buildings can also be motivated - usually doubling the coins output and adding special productions. Special production buildings however may only be motivated when all their production options are supplies.

When chosen, the game will show which buildings can be motivated by displaying a star over those particular buildings. The Visitor will receive a coin reward (amount depends on the visitor’s age) and has the chance to receive a blueprint for a Great Building from the motivated building's age.[1]


Polish is an action that increases happiness to twice the normal amount on players' happiness buildings (cultural buildings and decorations).

When chosen, the game will show which buildings can be polished by displaying a star over those particular buildings. The Visitor will receive a coin reward (amount depends on the visitor’s age) and has the chance to receive a blueprint for a Great Building from the polished building's age.[1]


Aid is an action that can be performed from the Social Bar instead of going into the player's city and manually selecting 'Motivate' or 'Polish', the building that will be aided is selected according to the 'aid priority list':

Buildings providing the most

  1. Forge Points
  2. Goods
  3. Units
  4. Medals
  5. Guild Power

Upon motivation will be motivated first.

When there is no building that gains any of the above productions upon motivation, the game will select 50/50 whether to motivate or to polish a building. It then randomly selects a building of the respective category, giving buildings of the higher age the priority.

Aid All[]

Instead of aiding players manually it is also possible to aid them automatically. It's done for Neighbours, Guild and Friends separately.

On browser and also for mobile players who have spent a certain amount of money on regular ingame items all that is needed is to press a button for each group they want to aid. Mobile players who have spent nothing or too little will need to watch an ad.

Aid all without ads

Aid all with ads

Then you have to wait a little while for it to complete, which makes it about as fast as manual aiding. You are able to do other things in the game while the aiding is in progress. All aid rewards gets put in a bag which you are able to collect afterwards.

Reward icon aid all bag.png


The attack tab when visiting a neighbour's city

Attack is an action that only is available when visiting a neighbor that is not your guild member or friend. A neighbor may only be attacked after unlocking the PvP Fights.

To attack someone, simply press the two swords icon on the neighbors tab or press on the image below when visiting their city.


Plunder is an action that only is available once after defeating a player in battle. Plundering raids one of their buildings (only the buildings that can be collected are eligible) and takes the production. Great buildings, cultural buildings, decorations, and roads cannot be plundered. Any building that has been motivated also cannot be plundered.

Residential, Production, and Goods buildings that have a finished production and are not motivated can be "Plundered" to steal their coins, supplies, goods, medals or forge points.

To plunder, simply press the 'Sabotage' image when visiting their city, or the lightning icon in the neighbor's tab.

You can choose to come back and plunder a building later, if you do not like what is currently available. Your opportunity to plunder will expire 24 hours after the successful attack.

The Sabotage tab after defeating or visiting the defeated neighbour. However, in this image the option is unavailable since there are no buildings to plunder

The defeated player will see the news about their defeat. Their "News" page will present them with an opportunity to counter-attack. That button is labeled "Revenge". Revenge may have an increased probability of success, in the rare case that the neighbor attacked with the same units that they use for their city defense, because any damage from the battle will take time to heal for the initial attacker, but the defender's damage was instantly healed after the battle.

Plunder prevention[]

The best way to prevent being plundered is to collect your productions on time (shortly after they are finished), to give the attacker a window as small as possible in which a plunder action may yield benefits.

Many of the buildings can only be plundered when they are not motivated. So make sure to have enough friends, guildmates and neighbors that aid you, so the buildings are protected from plunder. Alternatively you can use Self-Aid Kits to motivate the buildings you want to protect from plunderers.

A city shield can be bought in the Friends Tavern that prevents your neighbors from attacking you. (NOTE: City Shield only prevents a player from attacking you, NOT from plundering you. If you activate a City Shield after you have been attacked, that person can still Plunder you.)

If the defending player has a Galata Tower with available Plunder Repel counters, there is a chance that the plunder attempt will be repelled.

Special Event Actions[]

Hide Easter Eggs[]

During the 2016 Easter Event, Hide Easter Eggs is an action that places an Easter egg in another players' city. Easter eggs can only be hidden on decorations and only if you have Hiding Actions available. When chosen, the game will show you where you can hide an egg by displaying an egg icon over that particular decoration. The Hidee will get a chance to collect the egg the next time he/she visits their city and the Hider will receive 20 coins and the possibility of receiving a blueprint for a Great Building from the age of the decoration where the egg is hidden.


When you aid - motivate or polish - a building of a player, you get a reward in Coins coins for doing so. Furthermore there is a chance of getting a Blueprints blueprint from the era of the building that was motivated or polished.

Age Age Coins Coins
Bronze Age 20
Iron Age 50
Early Middle Ages 70
High Middle Ages 90
Late Middle Ages 110
Colonial Age 130
Industrial Age 150
Progressive Era 170
Modern Era 190
Postmodern Era 210
Contemporary Era 230
Tomorrow Era 250
Future Era 270
Arctic Future 290
Oceanic Future 310
Virtual Future 330
Space Age Mars 350
Space Age Asteroid Belt 370
Space Age Venus 390
Space Age Jupiter Moon 400