The Warrior is the heavy unit of Bronze Age. It has a relatively high defense, moderate attack, and slow speed. It receives defense bonus when standing on plains and against light units. As a heavy unit, it also gains a bonus 3 damage against light units, such as Spearfighters.


The Warrior can be considered the "tank" unit in the Bronze Age. It generally works well against other melee classes. However, both ranged units and artillery units have combat bonus against it. Combined with a rather slow speed, the Warrior is quite vulnerable to those classes. As with all units, it's best to field with other units to ease their weakness. Slingers do not do as much damage against warriors compared to other ranged units in other ages against same unit heavy units, making the warrior just a bit stronger. The Stone Thrower is also only averagely effective against the Warrior.

The warrior is much weaker against same age units compared to other heavy units of different ages. The spearfighter can gang up on a warrior and kill it with a few hits. Warriors have low attack, and are only effective against spearfighters and horsemen.

Warriors are not recommended by the time you reach the middle of the Iron Age because they greatly lose their effectiveness. Soldiers are superior to them in every way except for defense and a bonus against light units. Using the warrior beyond the Iron Age is a big mistake, as the Mercenary (the light unit of the EMA) can often kill the warrior in two hits. By (or before) a player reaches the Early Middle Ages, it's a good idea to replace Warriors with Legionnaires.


In the Late Bronze Age, A new formation called the Phalanx created new warriors on the battlefield, a phalanx is a formation where lines of warriors would form a shield wall with spears facing forwards, each man relied on each other for protection, and in doing so troops started to get better in formation and gave rise to new empires


The Warrior's helmet of bronze with a blue tunic and a purple cape, he is carrying a wooden shield, rimmed with bronze, he has a long spear of bronze for offense


Warrior Battle

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