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The Wheelwright is a premium production building of the Industrial Age. It requires a road connection.


Supplies 125 per hour and tile [1]

Production Options

Item Name Production Time Amount
Wheelwright 1.png Spokes Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:05:00 Supplies 250
Wheelwright 2.png Cart Wheel Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:15:00 Supplies 630
Wheelwright 3.png Wagon Wheel Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 01:00:00 Supplies 1,500
Wheelwright 4.png Cart Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 04:00:00 Supplies 2,510
Wheelwright 5.png Cab Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 08:00:00 Supplies 3,760
Wheelwright 6.png Stagecoach Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 24:00:00 Supplies 7,520


  1. Efficiency is measured by an assumed maximum production per hour (with the 1-hour-production option) divided by the number of tiles that the actual building occupies. To be used as a simple and objective comparison towards other production buildings.

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