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The Wildflower Meadow is a special cultural building released during the 2022 Archaeology Event. The Wildflower Meadow is part of the Butterfly Sanctuary Set. It is available from the Butterfly Garden Selection Kit and the Butterfly Sanctuary Selection Kit.


Wildflower Meadow will produce the following effects. Base effects will always be given. Bonus effects are determined by how many other unique Butterfly Sanctuary Set buildings it is connected to. Despite the road requirement, bonus effects are applied regardless of road connection and state of the building, even when in unconstructed form.

Age Production doubles when motivated
Happiness/Size Butterfly Sanctuary Icon.png 1st Bonus
Supply Boost
Butterfly Sanctuary Icon.png 2nd Bonus
Attack Boost for Attacking Army
BA +200 +33 10% 10%
IA +280 +47
EMA +360 +60
HMA +430 +72
LMA +510 +85
CA +600 +100
INA +680 +113
PE +750 +125
ME +800 +133
PME +940 +157
CE +1,090 +182
TE +1,320 +220
FE +1,760 +293
AF +2,150 +358
OF +2,720 +453
VF +3,390 +565
SAM +5,650 +942
SAAB +6,140 +1,023
SAV +6,630 +1,105
SAJM +7,140 +1,190

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